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Windows Antispyware Solution is a rogue program that pretends to scan and detect malware and other problems on your computer. It is distributed mainly through software exploits and Trojans. The rogue program is also promoted via fake online scanners and infected adult websites. Once installed, Windows Antispyware Solution will prompt you to remove the false threat detections that appeared during your computer scan. Then it will take you directly to a registration form in order to buy the product. Furthermore, Windows Antispyware Solution will block nearly all programs on your computer including task manager and other system utilities. It will state that task manager was terminated because it is infected with some sort of malware that may steal your sensitive information. Windows Antispyware Solution will display fake security alerts and hide your desktop icons/task bar. This program is a scam. If you got hit with this malware,

Windows Antispyware Solution is from the same family as Windows Risk Eliminator and Windows Utility Tool. It's not a virus. This scareware cannot delete your files or steal your sensitive information.
please follow the removal instructions below to remove Windows Antispyware Solution as soon as you can. Last, but not least, if you have paid for a full version of this fake application, please contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Good luck and be safe online!

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